On Tuesday 4th of August Beirut, the capital city of the nation of Lebanon was rocked by a terrible explosion that at the time of writing it is believed has killed over a 100 and injured more than 4,000 in Beirut.

It is believed that the blast was caused by more than 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate but it isn’t clear what this was being held for. The explosion has left the nation, (which was already struggling with political and economic collapse and the fallout of the Covid-19 crisis), deeply shaken. It is said that the blast caused shockwaves across Beirut that were heard as far away as Cyprus. Hassan Diab, the nation’s Prime Minister has called for a day of prayer and mourning.

Links International works with partners Triumphant Mercy, led by Nuna Matar, who do amazing work reaching out to Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the city of Beirut and also in the Beqaa valley along the border with Syria. Triumphant Mercy, immediately sprang into action to provide food, aid and relief to the areas worst affected. There are huge needs to both increase this work and to set up temporary shelters.

Please join with us to help our partners out on the ground to show the love of God and to bring hope in the middle of these terrible circumstances.

* Photo taken from bbc.co.uk