A chance conversation between one of the founders of Art for Charity and a supporter of Links led to an introduction to the charity and a donation from three sales. Links are now members of Art for Charity and receive donations from their supporters or from other purchasers clicking the divide button at the checkout.

Art for Charity, founded in 2012, is an online art gallery offering work from some of the UK’s best artists including Joe Hargan, Peter Goodfellow and Jack Morrocco. There is no fee to join as overheads saved from having no physical presence are donated to either the charities they support or charities nominated by their customers.

The process is simple.

The purchaser can pay the gallery price and 40% (30% on an original) of the sale price on a limited edition print goes to the charity of his/her choice. If the client wants to try the bid system, where generous bids over the reserve are accepted, then 100% of the funds in excess of the reserve prices are donated.

From the remaining funds, AFC pays for administering the company and pays the artist a signing fee on limited edition prints and 50% on originals which is the same as they would receive from a physical gallery.

By using this formula everybody wins!

We are proud to have supported Links and look forward to sending more funding in the future.

Art For Charities are offering 23 pieces of art on their site at greatly reduced prices with an increased donation. The prints are priced at £295 and £195 and on a sale, Links will receive 60% of the gallery price. The reserve prices have also been reduced to £115 and £95 and Links will receive 100% of funds over the reserve on successful bids. To view the artworks please go to the Links page on our site at:


Help spread the word and help Art For Charities continue to help Links confront poverty and release potential.

If you have any questions regarding how this works or about specific art pieces, please contact Art for Charity at: [email protected]