How can I get my money to make a difference after I die?

We often don’t like to talk about what might happen after we’re gone but did you know that, if you don’t have a will and have no surviving relatives, the government could end up being the main beneficiary of your estate?

We would love you to consider making a legacy to Links International in your will, where we can invest in other people’s futures on your behalf.

By making charitable donations, you can reduce your taxable estate whilst ensuring that your hard-earned money can change lives after your death. In addition, donations made to charity are excluded from your estate.

The thought of setting up a will can be quite daunting, but we can make it easy for you! We have a confidential, free Will-Writing Service with a suitably qualified solicitor.

Free Will-Writing Service

Please contact us at the Links office and we will introduce you to a solicitor if you do not already have one. You can then discuss your wishes and the solicitor will draft you a new will that will reflect your legacy to Links and any other provisions you would like to make. When you are happy with the draft, the new will is produced and the cost is borne by us. It’s that simple!

By making a legacy to Links, you will help to ensure the long-term funding of the charity. This will enable us to pursue many more projects. Money goes a long way in the developing world; as an example, it costs from just £100 to set up a small business in Africa.

You can also make the most of our free Inheritance Tax Planning service. We have qualified Independent Financial Advisers available who are able to look at your individual circumstances and suggest ways of mitigating Inheritance Tax. This is an optional service but we would strongly recommend that you have your affairs looked after by professionals.

Can I see how my money might be spent?

Of course! We regularly take teams out to India, Asia and Africa to train and monitor the progress of our projects. You are very welcome to join us on one of these trips to see how we work. If you have specific skills, it may be possible to utilise these whilst abroad. You would need to set aside around £1,000 to cover your airfare and spending money, but Links would take care of all the arrangements. Please do contact us if you would like to find out more about these exciting opportunities.

What projects are we involved in?

We currently support micro-enterprise development, community healthcare, creative and safe water projects as well as Bible-based marriage courses through our partnerships.

What should I do next?

If you would like to find out more about helping Links with a legacy or tax-free donation, please contact former Links Trustee Laurie Mellor at The Mellor Practice on 01903 882007.

If you prefer, please contact us:

Links International,
PO Box 198,
West Sussex,
BN16 3UQ.