The last week has seen some devastating natural disasters hit our brothers and sisters in southern India and Indonesia. Monsoon rains have caused terrible flooding in Kerala, India; the worst seen in almost 100 years. More than 300 lives have been taken due to the floodwaters and many homes and businesses been washed away by relentless downpours. 
In Indonesia the island of Lombok has been hit by two earthquakes that have claimed the lives of more than 460 people and has destroyed, homes, churches, mosques and businesses, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. 
As the church of Jesus, we believe that ‘loving our neighbour’ takes on a whole new dimension in the global society in which we live and we cannot remain indifferent to the needs of our neighbours in this hour. Links International works directly with local partners on the ground to ensure that aid gets to where the need is greatest and is used in the most strategic ways. Right now the urgent need is aid and relief, but more importantly in the coming days and months, will be the need to bring rehabilitation and development to rebuild and to move forward. Will you join with us?
Ways you can get involved:
  • Prayer is essential! Pray that the Lord will protect flood survivors from disease and sickness. That those who have lost loved ones will find peace and comfort in Christ.
  • Pray for the rescue workers and all those involved in providing relief supplies.
  • Please give. Your money can have a mission and your investments into the Kingdom can literally change lives and transform communities.
  • Future visits for training, rehabilitation and development may be required. If this is something you would like to find out more about, please register your interest at [email protected]
Thank you for stepping up once again to confront poverty and create potential, to make a difference and to bring the hope of Jesus in the midst of the hopelessness of this situation. On behalf of the lives that your investment will impact, we offer our deepest gratitude.