Investing into a New World

Would you consider becoming a Links champion and donating to cover the core costs needed to ensure that this movement continues to grow and to impact the nations? It costs money to carry out the work that Links is doing to confront poverty and to catalyse potential around the world and, as a strong faith-based organisation, we rely on the investments of donors in the materially wealthy nations to join hands with our brothers and sisters in the developing world.

Team work, making the dream work

Through the generosity of Church Partnerships, Corporate Partnership and an army of sacrificial individual donors, we are able to do so much and, on behalf of the communities around the world that have been transformed and the lives that have been forever impacted, we are eternally grateful. However, there is still so much to be done and we are the only ones that can impact our generation.

Will you join with us financially to see poverty made history once and for all?